Sister Post- Bargain Hunters


Image Hi Everyone! Jenny and I decided on another post to write about… here it is!  Read mine here, and be sure to look at Jenny’s on her blog.

This post is sharing some good bargains we have found!

Us Bishop’s are all good bargain shoppers, and always appreciate finding a good deal! Our Mom taught us to shop well….she is great at finding deals, shopping sales, and using coupons (the coupon thing I need to work on!  I always forget to use them!)
My favorite bargains to find are clothes that I like….and I LOVE thrift store shopping.  I wouldn’t mind only ever shopping at Goodwill!

So- some of my favorite bargains are here:


The first photo is of a shirt that I found here at the market (originally from H&M and somehow wound up in a pile of clothes here in Uganda!)…..I bought it for 2,000 shillings- which is about 75 cents!  Good deal!

The middle photo- is my favorite pair of jeans that I found at a thrift store in Omaha with my friend Amber. They were $4.99 and then half-off that day!  Definitely a good deal as they fit great, were very lightly used and good quality!
I have a bad habit of finding a pair of jeans that I like and wearing them all the time until they are completely worn out and then find a new staple pair of jeans.

The last photo is of Nike Shorts that I found at Goodwill almost 2 years ago in Wisconsin.  I found 2 pairs (one has green stripes on the side, and those are on loan to my sister Sarah while I am in Africa).  They are usually like $35 dollars if you buy them new….and these WERE brand new at Goodwill for $3.50 each!  A steal!  Anyways, I wear them a ton and was super glad to find them!

Anyways, that’s all for now!  Hopefully this encourages all of you to shop the clearance rack, and your local goodwill and garage sales….finding a good deal is just happy!  I hope that all of you are enjoying your weekend!


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