Sister Post- Picture Memory


Sister Post

For our next sister post……Jenny had the idea that we each send an old photo to eachother and we could write about the memory of the picture.  So- here is goes!
And- be sure to check out Victory Song, my little sister’s blog!

AmyThis is the picture that Jenny sent me to write about…..and was taken during the summer of 2008 in Tijuana, Mexico on my first missions trip.  If I remember correctly….this little guy’s name was Jesus.  We went to Mexico for a week with other kids from church and another youth group that lived near us.  We went with Mexican Caravan Ministries….which is a mobilization ministry that brings in groups and has them build houses for people who need them, and then use it as a time to mobilize for missions and show people just a glimpse into God’s heart for the world.
I think it was a great ministry….and definitely a great time/memory/experience in my life.
It was my first time out of country (but just in Tijuana…wasn’t too far!), and my first time flying.  I got really sick while I was there, but I loved trying new foods, experimenting with Spanish, and having new experiences.
One of the greatest things that came from the trip for me was a chance to learn about different missions organizations…and how I might fit into missions and good first steps to take in that.  Brad Buser- a missionary with New Tribes Mission was there and spoke to us about NTM.  Instrumental time in my life as I then at 16 years old picked up an application for New Tribes Bible Institute, not knowing for sure that is where I would head in just another year.
I am SO thankful for this trip in my life….God totally used it to give me direction and passion, to guide my next steps and to deeply challenge me in my thoughts on the world and my relationship with Him.
If any of you are thinking of possible taking a missions trip, or are interested in going on one…..DO IT!  Honestly I think it is SO valuable for every Christian if you have the chance to! There is so much you will learn and be challenged with and there is beauty for sure in seeing needs around the world, but also Christians around the world worshipping the same God as you!

So yeah, that’s my memory!  Be sure to check Jenny’s blog for hers!
Have a great Monday everyone!



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