While Adam and I are in our super long distance relationship- we have been writing lots of letters and in each letter including an answer from a list of 30 questions that we are going through….
We recently did the question…“List 10 people that have influenced you and describe how”
I enjoyed writing that one and thinking back on all the people that have influenced me and have had an impact on my life.  Truth is we cross paths with so many people in our lifetime…..some people, I hardly remember….but others have challenged me, have inspired me, and have had a deep impact on me.
The word influence means:
the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behavior of someone or something, or the effect itself:
I am reminded of several things when thinking about influence:
  •  Be careful who you allow to influence you. 
There are definitely people who can effect your character in a negative way.  People always say you become like the 5 people you spend the most time with….and it’s true.  Sometimes I think we don’t want to believe it, but the people you hang out with ARE going to have an impact on you whether you like it or not. Bad company really does corrupt good morals….be cautious.
  • Be a person of influence.
We have the power and the opportunity to influence others…..seize the day!  There are people around you that you have the privilege of being in their lives, so take advantage of it and be someone who is going to have a positive impact on their life!  Be someone who challenges them to greater things, who pushes them to get outside of their comfort zone, who encourages them when life is hard, who points them always to Christ, and who holds them up in prayer.  Be a person who is not simply “hardly remembered” but one who is remembered for the deep impact you had on their life. Let God use you to influence others!
  • Be thankful for those who have impacted your life, and tell them.
In answering that question and thinking about the people who have impacted me….I have been challenged to let them know they have had an impact on my life.  It’s so nice to get an encouraging letter, or an e-mail from someone telling you that you have been an encouragement to them.  And I feel like if people have impacted my life and challenged me…I want to tell them so!  
I would challenge you to thank at least 3 people this week for the impact that they have had in your life.  Life is way to short not to be thankful to people.  

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