small world:

This world is crazy and there are so many people and so much going on everywhere….but so often I am surprised and encouraged when I find out that it is a much smaller world than I thought:
Story Number One:
Last week one day I went on a run in the botanical gardens near by….while I was running I passed three other white people running.  I waved, but thought nothing of it…..We were running in a circle the opposite direction, and when we passed again (all still running…and I was listening to music)… of the guys pulled up his shirt sleeve to show me a tattoo on his arm of the Nebraska Huskers!  I just happened to be wearing my Nebraska Huskers t-shirt… we were able to just share a moment of Nebraska pride I guess you could say!  
It was just humorous to me and happy to see another Nebraskan….
Absolutely beautiful there by the way…
Story Number Two:
On Sunday….Rylea came to church with me and we had a bit of shopping to do after church.  First we were getting some lunch and saw a girl that we know who lives in Kampala and works with AIM doing Short-term Coordinating….Rylea went to say hi and she and her friend came to eat lunch with us.  Her friend and I began talking about why both of us are in Uganda…what we are doing, etc.  She is working with Sseko Sandals doing an internship there……When I told her my story, and mentioned I had gone to New Tribes Bible Institute- she was like “Oh, I know people there!”  
So….we got to exchange names and stories of a few people we both know!  It was fun and was nice to meet someone who knows some of the same people that I do!  
You just never know who you are going to run into I guess!  
“We wait in hope for the LORD, He is our help and our shield.  
In Him our hearts rejoice, for we trust in His holy name.
May your unfailing love rest upon us, O LORD, even 
as we put our hope in you.”
~Ps. 33:20-22
Have a blessed week!

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