Rare is the day here in Uganda that you would actually WANT to wear a sweatshirt or curl up with a blanket….but today is a beautiful rainy day here- cold enough for long sleeves and even socks!


It’s been raining steadily all day even though this is supposed to be the dry season!  All last week was SUPER hot, so this is definitely a nice reprieve!

Sunday at church was good- it is definitely a unique experience being able to be here and to worship alongside the African church…..I have been going to a different church since Christmas time and have enjoyed seeing a couple different ways of doing church here in Uganda.  At the church I have been going to recently- they do some songs in English and some in Luganda…..then all of the speaking is translated from English to Luganda.  And- the services are a bit longer here than what we are used to in America……The praise and worship is usually an hour- and the sermon is like an hour and a half!
I admit that it takes some serious effort on my part to be able to sit still that long when it’s crowded and warm…..
But, I do really love looking around the church and seeing people I know are my brothers and sisters in Christ- and knowing we are worshipping the same God!  I love that Sundays are dedicated to believers coming together for worship….and ALL day- in every time zone…..believers are meeting to glorify God!
I have been in Uganda for 4 months today!  But….in some ways it feels like I was at the airport saying goodbye to my family just yesterday…..
I hope you all are having a good week!


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