Sister Post- Book Review



So, Jenny and I decided on another topic for our sister post- and here it is!  We are each reviewing a recent book that we read……Be sure to check out Jenny’s post here!

I am sort of cheating- and read two books recently that I will touch on…..

The first being one called “Mommy Paints the Sky” by Danny Oertli.  It was a very well written book that was definitely a tear jerker for me about Danny Oertli- a musician, and his love story with his first wife Cyndi.  They met in highschool and have a cute story of how they fell in love and the direction that God took their lives and the way they ended up getting together.  They got married, and only six months after their marriage- they found out that Cyndi had cancer.  Eight years later Cyndi passed away…..Danny was left with his two children.
It was very sad….but I felt blessed to hear the story and to be encouraged about God’s faithfulness and His plan for each life through reading about his pain and struggle.  It was amazing to read about Danny’s perspective on life and pain and hardship after something so terrible had happened.  He still knew the Lord was to be trusted!  Near the end of the book he talks a lot about the healing process and how God led him to another woman, and his story of remarriage to her.  I would definitely recommend it as a good read…..with some kleenex’s handy though for sure.

The other book was called “I will Carry you- the Sacred Dance of Grief and Joy” by Angie Smith.  I was enthralled with the story of this book, and couldn’t put it down….but really it brought LOTS of tears, so beware.  It was the story of Angie, her husband and their three little girls…..They were pregnant with their fourth, a little girl named Audrey Caroline, when they went to have an ultrasound and heard from doctors that Audrey was “incompatable with life outside the womb”.  It was the story of their pregnancy and birth to Audrey all the while knowing that she would not be able to live once she was born.  They chose to have a  C section, and Audrey passed away only a couple of hours after being born.  It was very sad, and heartbreaking to think of the emotions of that…..But it was a beautiful story of how each and every life is precious and should be loved.

Sorry for the sad book recommendations- but I really did feel encouraged reading them- seeing how these families had gone through super hard things and came out only more confident of God’s perfect faithfulness.
I hope that you all have a great weekend!


2 thoughts on “Sister Post- Book Review

  1. claire

    Do you have the book by Danny Oertli? I heard them speak on Focus on the Family and thought it would be a good book. Did you know that the Oertli’s are good friends of Dan and Christie and the Danny O. was inspirational to David becoming interested in guitar? The other book sounds good also. I’ve just been reading some articles in WORLD magazine about babies born and dying soon after birth. Sad stories but what a testimony for the parents to have that precious time after birth with their babies before they pass away. love you, momxxx

    • missAmy

      No, Menda let me borrow both…..I think that you would enjoy them both though! They were definitely well written….
      And yes I did know that about Dan and Christie and David having some connection to Danny Oertli…..and the Fowlers know him too….haha!

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