Hello Friends,
My parents recently sold our (okay their) home back in Nebraska and will be moving to a smaller one nearby.  A downsize was needed for sure (down to 3 people living there instead of 10!), and I am happy for them to have found a different place.
But, I can’t help but have some sad thoughts as I think about them moving.
In 1998 our family moved from Denver, Colorado to the rural town of Ogallala, Nebraska.  On the 3 hour drive east to our new home I remember in the car my Mom taught me and my siblings to spell O-g-a-l-l-a-l-a…..  I was five and remember being thrilled with moving into a new and bigger home….especially with a nice big yard and even a barn!  Such a novelty at  the time!  SO very many good memories from that home!
Hours and hours and then some more hours of playing outside with my brothers and sisters….we made so many forts there and spent hours just playing house in the trees.  I remember once my little sister and her friend built a bathroom in our fort (we needed to have all the essentials there), my Mom thought that was a bad idea and the hole in the ground was quickly covered over!
We had chickens there and loved to just herd them around the yard…..into their pen and then back out again….never seemed to get old.
We spent hours collecting beer bottles on our dirt road that people would throw out trying to raise money for building yet another fort (hey, we were entrepreneurs), only to find out that in Nebraska glass bottles aren’t worth anything…..
We convinced by Dad to build us a tree house and I remember feeling a twinge of disappointment when he announced he was finished with it……somehow it didn’t look quite like the Swiss Family Robinson treehouse I was anxiously anticipating!  But, we LOVED it and spent hours playing house and holding meetings in our treehouse!  Thanks Dad!
In the 14 years we lived there….we probably had like 30 cats at least…..we didn’t mean to kill them- they just died!  Even now….my cat Kirbster is going to have to go live with another family…..poor thing.
Good memories for sure and such a wonderful place to grow up…..It was a great home to all of us and I think that it will hold special memories for each one in our family for years to come.

It makes me sad in a lot of ways to think that I will never go “home” to the place that I remember and am so familiar with again……
But……then again, it was just a home and so much more than the memories of that are the memories that I have with each one in my family!



2 thoughts on “home:

  1. claire

    Aww, Amy, This is another one of those posts that brings tears to my eyes…….you are right, there are a lot of memories from this house. Now it’s time to move on, another chapter starting that will have its own set of memories in the making. I know there are going to be things I’ll miss about this place, but we’re looking forward to what is coming. love you, momxxx

  2. Katie Dutzmann

    Haha Amy! This post made my morning! Funny memories. My memories are so different cause I’m sooo much older! It makes me laugh to think of Lydia and Theo maybe trying to make potty holes! Love you sister <3

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