January 23rd 2013 marked the first day of my 21st year of my life!  20 was a really good year….but went by SO very fast!  20 started off pretty unsure……I had JUST moved back to Wisconsin, was going to be starting new jobs, etc, and had no real idea of what my future plans might be.  And- here I am one year later having celebrated my birthday in Uganda…who’d have thought?   :)    
God totally knew!


I am excited and hopeful that 21 will be a beautiful year in my life.  As I look to things that I hope for in this year- I pray that God would impact my heart in a new way to be focused and passionate about HIM.  My heart can so easily be distracted and focused on oh so many other things….and I pray that this year would be one of fixed attention on my Savior.  
I was reading today in Psalms….

“Teach me to do your will, for you are my God- may your Spirit lead me on level ground.”       ~Psalms 143:10

I appreciated the phrase….lead me on level ground.  Life may not always be sure, and there will be twists and turns……But I want to follow God and to be on level ground with Him as my guide.  

AS for celebrating my birthday…..The Fowlers were gracious in helping to make it a special day for me here, which I so appreciated.  I woke up and skyped with Adam….which was a perfect start to my birthday morning- I made a delicious new smoothie combo for breakfast…..And when I went over to begin helping with school I got seven sweet little birthday cards from the kids!  
Leo and Menda took me and Jane out for lunch to eat Ethiopian food!  The lunch started on humorously as the waitress (had only been working there for a couple of days) announced that they were serving Italian food…..we all looked at her and Menda said, “Oh, you don’t serve Ethiopian for lunch?”  She replied, “Oh yeah, that’s what I meant”  We just laughed and she didn’t seem the least bit embarrassed….kind of acted like there wasn’t a huge difference!  
The food was delicious though!  Very unique, and a fun dining experience!  I wanted to take some pictures- and sadly I turned on my camera only to find the battery was dead! (bad planning Amy….) They served injera though- which is a sourdough flatbread made out of fermented rice flour.  It looked sort of like a thin sheet of foam.  Then on top of that (it was spread out on a large round pan), there was little piles of vegetables and tibs (meat) most of which were quite spicy on top.  Then- you tear off bits and injera and use it to scoop up the meat and vegetables.  It was delicious!  I enjoy spicy food, and enjoy trying new things, so it was right up my alley!  Also- eating with your hands is always fun too! 
The day was pretty relaxing though, and the Fowlers as well invited me to join them for dinner and delicious german chocolate brownies- so that was happy!  
I also got to skype with my sister Sarah and my Mom and Dad briefly, so that was fun!  
It was definitely a WARM birthday as I am used to snow and cold usually!  
But- I feel blessed…..and I am thankful for each new day of life.  

Thanks to all of you for the blessing that you are in my life!


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