I am reading a book right now called Light Force- A Stirring Account of the Church Caught in the Middle East Crossfire, written by Brother Andrew (who wrote one of my favorite books God’s Smuggler).  Anyways, he is basically telling stories of believers caught in the conflict in the Middle East and sharing his experience while he is ministering among them.  

I have enjoyed reading it so far and was really challenged by something I read yesterday…I will quote it from the book- and I hope it makes sense since you don’t have the whole context….

“I turned to John 21, “It is the Lord” I started, referring to verse 7 of the chapter. “It has been several weeks since the crucifixion and resurrection. The disciples are discouraged, they feel like they have lost everything.  They haven’t seen Jesus for many days. They have no routine in life. They don’t know what to do.  Jesus has told them to go into the world, but where? And what is their message? What is their mandate? They’ve run out of money because their treasurer committed suicide. So Peter says, “Let’s go fishing” Unfortunately, the others didn’t say, “No Peter, lets pray about the future!” They all followed Peter and spent all night in a sea filled with fish and they caught nothing.  
What a tragic word! They caught nothing.  All night. Nothing.  You can have all kinds of activities outside of the direction of Christ. You can be a do-gooder, be busy, do a million things, but if you do your own thing, instead of following Christ, your tombstone will say: “All night. Nothing.”
The turning point for the fisherman came when a supposed stranger appeared on the beach.  He called to them, “Have you caught any fish?” They shouted back, “No”
The stranger saw the fish the disciples couldn’t see. When, at His direction, they threw their net over the other side, there was a miracle- God pushed the fish in- more than the net could hold.  Then, the disciple whom Jesus loved said….”It is the Lord!”

How incredibly important is it for us to keep are eyes and focus intently fixed upon Christ and His Word.  I don’t want my tombstone to read….All night. Nothing.  I want to be focused on Christ and to fulfill His plan for my life.  
There is a song by Hillsong called “I surrender” and it has a line that goes….

I surrender, I surrender

I wanna know you more, I wanna know you more….


I love that….a beautiful prayer about just wanting to know Him better.  Sometimes, I know this is not my desire strongly enough, and that bothers me.  I don’t think that it is bad though either to pray for that desire to grow in my life.  May we all desire to know Him more…..


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