sister post- five favorites:



My dear sister Jenny and I are going to start posting together once a month or so on random topics…..something that we thought would be fun to start this year.   So, this is the first to come, and will be on the topic of 5 of our current faves…..Mine is posted below- and be sure to check out Jenny’s over on her blog!

1. NEEDTOBREATHE…..I always love their music- and just in the past week or so I have been listening to them LOTS again.  I particularly have been enjoying their album The Reckoning.  I love his voice and love the sound of the music.  The song “Keep Your Eyes Open” is probably my favorite on the album…..

2. Ziplock Bags- such a good invention!  And, I never realized how much I would miss them coming here.  I didn’t even think to bring any, but realized quickly after I got here, that I was missing them a lot!  I love keeping things in their proper order and so containers, tupperware, and ziplock bags are my friends.  My family recently sent me a care package though with LOTS of ziplocks included… I should be set!
It was so fun and encouraging to receive a package all the way here in Africa!
DSCN13153. I have been addicted to omelets lately……yum.  I have always loved scrambled eggs, and with tomato, onion, green pepper…and occasionally some garlic- deliciousness.

4. The fact that I serve a God who restores…..whose desire is to make all things new in our lives.  In Colossians chapter 1 it talks about how God desires to reconcile all things to Himself.  We were once alienated from God and are now reconciled to Him through the blood of Christ! I am so very blessed that I am part of that….and encouraged that He makes dead things alive, broken things whole, sick things well, and old things new!

5. Skype.  SO. THANKFUL. FOR. IT.  Technology is fantastic…..all the way from here in Africa- I can skype with my family, friends, and my boyfriend back in America.  It’s very encouraging to talk with all of them sort of face to face, and to be able to catch up that way.  I am a fan.

And….that’s all from me!  Hope you’ve enjoyed…and don’t forget to go and read Jenny’s post!


2 thoughts on “sister post- five favorites:

  1. claire

    I am so glad the Ziploc bags are a hit – that was a rather strange request for something you were needing/wanting to have sent. They probably rank right up there with the blender and crock pot as favorite inventions. This should be fun to see how you and Jenny respond or write about the same topic.

    Cold, snowy day here. Had to leave work early yesterday as it was very icy so we wanted to be sure and get up the hill safely. Have a good evening. love you, momxxx

    • missAmy

      Yes- I LOVE the zip locks! :) Kinda silly, but super convenient for saving things. So thanks! Yeah, I think it will be fun to write about things with Jenny- we are just gonna do it every few weeks or so for something different…..

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