As 2012 comes to a close and a new year is almost here…..My heart is thoughtful about the past year, things that have happened, experiences that I have had, etc.
I am reminded that life is journey and a story.  With each life looking completely different from the next.  And with each experience, emotion, and circumstance building upon the last.
All of the people we meet, the stories we hear, the places we go….all adding to each other and making up what we call our lives.
“Life is about the journey of who are now to who we are becoming.”
I think that in this past year- I have learned a ton…..A year ago- I was struggling with really wondering what my future was going to hold….getting ready to make a new start in Wisconsin again, having no idea that in just one short year, so much could happen and that I would be living in Uganda of all places!
But….as usual….the Lord was SO faithful, knowing exactly what I needed!  I went back to Wisconsin and lived with one of my dearest friends and her family, had an amazing group of friends who were a HUGE encouragement, got to spend lots of time with my little sister living in WI, went to a great church, worked a good job, broadened my horizon by taking a CNA course this summer, started dating Adam :), spent some time in Nebraska and got to see my WHOLE family, watched my little sister get married, then moved to Africa!
It went by SO quickly, but I can see how everything that has happened this year has been put in my life to help me grow, to be challenged, and to grow closer to the Lord.
I am so thankful for each moment of 2012…..some moments have been sad and hard….but so many others have been sweet and happy.
Every year, I like to do a post that reviews the past year, and looks to the upcoming one…..(here is a link to my post about this last year if you care to have a look!) so here is 2012 in some of my favorite photos/ and just some highlights:
405749_10150430452669888_773537107_nThis was in December 2011- Home for Christmas……

Lots of good sister time in Wisconsin with Sarah!

306110_10150884669779888_412726071_nI had tons of fun playing indoor soccer and volleyball last spring…..SO tiring to play soccer games at 11pm, but fun times for sure!



Happy times being together with two of my sisters!


Such a good road trip to Pennsylvania to see Seth and Kaitlyn get married!

AmyAdam1:)  Best part of the summer

400566_10151092872549888_1941844126_nHad a blast living with one of my best friends!  This was after hours of good volleyball…..had to go to John’s for some Root Beer!


Got to see my whole family when I was home in September!

554137_370660089683344_1182927192_n At my little sister’s wedding!

DSCN0525Made it to Africa!

amy2012Two of my most recent photos……

So here is to a Happy 2013…..filled with learning, joy, growing, and a closer walk with the Lord.
Amy Dawn




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