Holly Jolly Christmas


Merry Christmas Everyone!
It’s December 26th here….and although yesterday’s Christmas was definitely the warmest one I have ever had, and did not really feel like Christmas to me……It was sure a full day of preparation and getting ready for the Baby Christmas Party that the Fowler’s graciously hosted.

There were close to 100 people over for the party including all the kids and babies, the Aunties and their children, etc.  It was definitely a fun day.  And, very exciting to see the babies (who don’t leave the Baby Homes much) be able to come out and have a fun day with food, toys, games, hearing the Christmas story, eating birthday cake for Jesus, and just having a change of scenery.
As they arrived at the party, dressed in their best clothes and complete with diapers, underwear, and shoes- they were all pretty timid for sure….but it was fun to see them slowly begin to get more comfortable and to start to play and have a good time!
African children are incredibly patient as they waited for their food and then took their time finishing all of what was on their plates.

I felt blessed to be able to to spend the day with all these precious kids, helping to make the day special for them.  One of my favorite little guys who I see a lot at the Baby Home…Owen, was really shy the whole time.  I think that he felt pretty overwhelmed, and also just really tired….I held him almost the whole time, and he fell asleep in my arms near the end of the party.  Sweet little guy!

I was super thankful to wake up on Christmas morning and be able to skype with Adam, and then to end my day skyping with my family back at home in Nebraska!  Got to see my Grandma, my parents, Kevin, Sarah and Ryan, and Jenny!  We had a great time catching up a bit and just enjoying seeing eachother.
So, lots to be thankful for.  And most of all……Jesus coming to earth as a baby with the ultimate goal of redemption for all of mankind.  Such a gift.
I hope that all you you had a blessed day!


3 thoughts on “Holly Jolly Christmas

  1. claire

    The pictures of the babies just touch my heart. What an experience for you to be able to show and give them some love. Have a great day – we loved Skyping with you!!!!! love you, momxxx

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