I am safely back in Uganda after a week of traveling to Kenya and back!




Definitely saw some BEAUTIFUL scenery on the way……and animals too!  All of these were on the side of the road…..Zebras, Baboons, and Camels!  I was thrilled!  I love seeing animals in the zoo….but seeing them just out in their own space is way better!
Kenya really was so pretty!sceneryThe Great Rift Valley was GORGEOUS!  And….We crossed the equator like 3 times on the trip I think…..only took a photo of the sign once though!

Seeing Nairobi was fun!  It’s a large city and quite diverse as far as ethnicities that live there.  We stayed in several different places throughout the week and it was a tiring trip for sure with so much driving on crazy roads.

  • Staying the night at an orphanage and playing with the kids/ helping hand out new shoes to all of them!
  • Staying the night at a hostel……it was a good experience to have.
  • Eating Kenyan food……Ugali (very similar to the posho that we eat here in Uganda)
  • The chance to go to a rescue home for sexually abused girls and to hear about the ministry there.
  • Getting my visa renewed for another 3 months!
  • Going through a Ugandan “drive thru” after crossing back over the border!  It was so funny…..we just stopped the car on the side of the road and 5 seconds later…the car was being swarmed with people wanting to sell us lunch!  We went with “chicken on a stick”  and gonja (fried bananas)…..which were 2 local foods I had not tried yet.  That was definitely a cultural experience!
  • Getting back safely to Entebbe!

Thanks to all of you who were praying for safe travels and for my visa for me…..definitely appreciated!  Happy Christmas Eve to all of you!


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