The Greatest Gift


I am amazed at the love that God has for us.  And, I am amazed at how He carried out His plan of Salvation for us through a tiny baby so long ago.  I have been enjoying reading through the Gospels of the accounts of Christ’s birth.  The greatest gift that we could ever receive was in Christ coming as a little baby to live as a man and die for the sins of humanity.  And, I am so grateful.
Even though I love apple-cider, Christmas trees, cheesy Christmas movies, Christmas shopping, caroling, and Christmas lights……those things pale in comparison to the gift of our Salvation.  But, I love that all of those things come at the time of year where we can also celebrate the birth of Christ!
I remember when I was little……on Christmas Eve we would always have a birthday cake for Jesus.  Christmas really is just that….celebrating the fact that Jesus came into the world….and all that means for us!
He came so the wounded heart could be made whole… the broken could be restored, the sick could be made well, the oppressed could be given freedom, the blind could be given sight, the poor could be made rich…..and the sinner could be saved!

He came to bring life.  And that love is incredible.
15 days till Christmas



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