“It’s Beginning to Look a Lot like Christmas”


Ehh…November is winding down now and it seems absolutely crazy that we only have one month left in 2012! I don’t know about you, but this year has gone EXTREMELY fast for me!
I have been here for a little over 2 months…..and I knew that homesickness would come at some point.  Having Thanksgiving apart from family and close friends in America definitely encouraged that a little bit.   But, I know too that this is such a great experience….and even though I will have moments or days of being sad about not being home or around the familiar….I am very thankful to be here, and want to enjoy it for what it is.

A huge blessing is that the weather here has been much cooler this week- with quite a bit of rain….and that makes me SO happy!  I love waking up to cooler weather….putting a sweatshirt on, drinking coffee and spending time with Jesus before I start my day.
Never thought I would miss cold weather this much…..makes me regret complaining about the winters in Wisconsin so much!  And, it’s not that I hated winter…I just hate winter after my birthday. I think from Thanksgiving to January 23rd is the perfect time for winter…then spring should come!  Maybe in heaven it will be like that!  :)

I have been working on Christmas cards (and listening to plenty of Michael Buble Christmas songs) this past week….and thoroughly enjoying that.
I LOVE Christmas time!
Last year, after Thanksgiving (which was spent in Nashville with my brother Kevin), we went to the Opryland Hotel……and that was SO fun cause it was decorated beautifully for Christmas!  That was a really fun experience.

Anyways, just wanted to acknowledge that the Christmas season is here!
Hope that you are all having a lovely week!


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