New Chapter


I have been journaling for almost as long as I can remember……I have always been fascinated by notebooks, making lists, writing down what I did with my day, etc.  Especially in the last few years- journaling has become very special to me…..something I count as very important for me to do, and a really good outlet for me to express my thoughts, feelings, and prayers.  It definitely helps me to get perspective if I write something down, it helps me to remember things, and it helps me to just sort out my own emotions sometimes.
I love having my journals to look back on.  I have kept a really great record of things that have happened in my life since I was like 8 (haha).  And, it’s so fun for me to read back on all the adventures I have had and the way that God has led my life.
I think for some of the same reasons I enjoy journaling…I enjoy blogging.  So thanks to all of you who read my blog!
Anyways…..Today though- I FINISHED yet another journal!  The closing of a chapter in my life….and the beginning of another one!

The old one is on the left in the top right photo.  I am always very inspired when I start a new one.
The first entry in my last journal was on April 13th of this year… sister Sarah and I were in Milwaukee at Alterra Coffee hanging out….and I was writing specifically about my decision making process of whether or not to come to Uganda.  And today I began a new journal after 2 months in Uganda!
I have to put in a plug for journaling here…since we are on the topic!  I highly recommend it even if you never become an everyday journaler…..It’s a great habit and I think that it’s a discipline that can be really beneficial.  Anyways, if you have never tried it- give it a shot!

Hope all of you enjoy the rest of your weekend with family and friends and Thanksgiving leftovers everyone!


3 thoughts on “New Chapter

  1. I agree – journaling is a great outlet to express emotions, to keep track of growth or non-growth in areas of struggle, to remember blessings, happy times, sad times, things learned, etc. I always look forward to the end of a year and reading back through my current journal. The new one you start will hold many new adventures and lessons, I’m sure. love you, momxxx

  2. I just clicked on your page, and not only do I love your topic of journaling (I do too, but have started to incorporate more doodled and paint), but also love your clean eye catching design! Kudos for that and keep it up.

    • missAmy

      yay! A fellow journaled! I love it….it’s therapy for me!
      And thanks for the compliment!
      I clicked on over to your blog and enjoyed reading a bit of it as well!

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