Cultural Experiences


There are lots of times when I find myself thinking….”This situation is okay because I am in Africa….But, if I was in America….everyone would be freaking out!”
Like- waiting in traffic forever….people just shut off their cars and do shopping while vendors come to their windows.
Bartering– everyone here expects you to barter for prices on things which is just NOT something we do in America…..and it’s hard to do, but I am getting better at it!  The other day I was going to buy something and the lady told it would be 8,000 shillings….I said no that I would give her 5,000….she said absolutely not!  6,500 was her bottom price….I said, “thank you anyways” and walked away….immediately she was like “Mzungu come back!  We will take 5,000!”  I was really proud that I got the price I had wanted!
Sitting so close together– whether you are in a taxi, in church, or wherever- people are usually packed together!  I went with my friend Jane to an African children’s choir in Kampala last Thursday….and we sat for like 2 hours waiting for it to start and sitting SO close to everyone!  We were packed in, with no air conditioning, sweating, tired, and hungry!  It was a great performance…..but in America- I think people would have left before it even started due to uncomfortable circumstances!

Eating fried grasshoppers as a snack- I tried these….and really- they weren’t that bad- but still, I mean….it’s a grasshopper!  Haha…


Also- my friend Jane taught me how to make posho and beans the other night- which is a very common Ugandan meal…’s beans (with onions, tomatoes, green peppers) with this almost rice like substance made from a flour. It’s a lot finer than rice though.  And, you have to eat it with your hands…just cause that’s the Ugandan way of doing things!  It was delicious!

You’ve gotta love Africa!  I do, and I feel blessed to be here!
I have been feeling a bit homesick for my family and friends….but ultimately- I am very happy to be here.


These are my favorite little babies from the Baby Home!  Love the opportunity of going there!
And- even in the midst of some days being discouraged about being far away from my family and everything that is familiar….I am encouraged knowing that God is shaping my life and using this experience to make me more into the woman He wants me to be.

I just finished a book by William Wilberforce called Real Christianity (which I highly recommend) and it was super challenging for me in my walk with God.  He had so many things to say in there that I think are so relevant for our churches in America to take to heart.
It is so easy to get distracted by things in life- and even good things at times.  I was reading in the Psalms on Saturday and super challenged by 141:8 “I will fix my eyes on you, O Lord.” I love that tone of making a choice to completely focus and set your eyes on Him.  I could easily fix my eyes on so many other things in life…stuff, movies, fashion, sports, food, friends, etc.  But, He alone is worthy of my steady gaze……

Anyways, I hope you are all feeling blessed and thankful this Thanksgiving week!
And- set your eyes on Him!  He’s the only one who is worthy of it!


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