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Sorry it has been a little bit since my last post!
I have now been in Uganda for over six weeks….and the time is going quickly.  It really is perpetual summer here though with still hot weather everyday!  Be jealous if you want to, but as much as I do like it…I can’t help being a little sad it’s not cold out as we are heading into the Holiday season.

I have been staying busy lately with school, spending time at the Baby Home, and other random outings.  It’s been fun to be at the Baby Home more and get to know the babies better.  Each time I go though….I leave wanting even more for those precious kids to have Mom and Dads!  Be praying for them to find great homes for the babies!
God has definitely been impacting my heart lately with the idea of adoption (go figure), and just helping me see the beauty in it as well as the connections between earthly adoptions and how that is a great picture of how He has adopted us!
Welcoming a child into a family and truly calling them your own is just what God has done for us……we did not deserve to call Him Father…..but He brought us in and loved us and won’t ever leave us.  I love it.

Tomorrow I am going with my friend Jane to Kampala to see the Watoto Children’s Choir…and I am excited!  It will hopefully be really fun, and I am sure that it will be a great performance!


Last week we all walked to the post office…and it started to pour rain!!! We all got soaked!
Anyways, I am feeling quite blessed and enjoying my time here.  Sometimes it’s crazy to think that I really am in Africa!
Amy Dawn!


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