all my deserts are rivers of joy


Saturdays here in Entebbe are nice….it’s market day- which I quite enjoy going to….
It’s like a giant garage sale/farmer’s market…..and can be slightly intimidating- but I am starting to enjoy it more as I am getting more comfortable with things.  By now I think I have the money here figured out, which makes things easier (we use shillings here).

Today…..I had to stock up on fruits and veggies….which I quite enjoy buying here!

I also got bananas and passion fruit.  So many yummy fruits here! But, the passion fruit was NOT my favorite!  The 2 mangos that I bought were actually on the way home from the market…these 2 little boys had picked them from a tree about 20 feet away…and then ran up to me wanting to sell them.  I of course could not resist!  Also- one of the vendors put an orange in my bag as I was leaving (I think because I had at least tried to speak Luganda as I was interacting with her)….but the oranges here are green!

It has been raining LOTS here…so when I went out, it was super muddy and tons of puddles…..tried to keep my feet clean…..but it did not really work!  I am starting to get tan lines from my chacos…..I knew that day would come  :(

The lyrics that are in the title are from a song by Christy Nockels called “You Revive Me”.  And, that song has been a huge encouragement to me for a while now…..I love all the lyrics.

You revive me
You revive me Lord
And all my deserts are rivers of joy
You are the treasure I could not afford
So I’ll spend myself till I’m empty and poor
All for You
You revive me Lord

The Lord is my strength……and I have no reason ever not to have joy.
Happy November 3rd everyone…….Goodnight from Africa!


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