Welcoming November


November to me means…….The Holiday Season has arrived!  Makes me very happy!
But quickly- I must do my duty as a citizen…and REMIND PEOPLE TO VOTE!  This election is important…and it is your privilege and duty as a citizen of the United States to vote.
I recently was talking to someone who is a conservative person- and I asked her if she had voted…and she was like “Oh, I don’t care at all about politics”    That is NOT okay.  Truth is- we all care about politics cause it affects things in our daily lives and will be affecting future generations as well.  I am just saying….do your research, and go out and vote….no excuses. It’s important.

Okay, enough of that.  So yeah, doesn’t really FEEL like November here in Uganda to me….I am still wearing shorts, being outside lots, etc.  So- next year when I am back in the States (maybe), I will definitely ENJOY the cold and snow a lot more after like over a year of perpetual summer!

November is a great time to remember (even more!) the things that you are thankful for in life.  And, I think the biggest thing that I am thankful for right now (hope this doesn’t sound cliche…cause I don’t mean it to)  is God’s Faithfulness in my life.  A year ago- I thought my life would be in a very different spot right now…..but it’s not, and it’s good.  God has been faithful this whole year I feel to bring about things in my life that I have really needed and that have blessed and encouraged me.  Also, opportunities that have challenged and excited me.  And even personally- He has been faithful to teach me things in my own life, and to work on my heart in certain areas.  And, I am so thankful for that.

2012 has gone by SO fast, and really it seems pretty crazy that it’s November already.  Time flies.  Hope all of you are remembering to be thankful for things….even if it’s little stuff, and definitely for the things that the Lord is doing in your life.

Have a great day!


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