~Weekend in Jinja~


Another day here in Uganda.  I have been here for just over a month now!
This weekend….I was able to go to Jinja with the Fowler’s and Jane.  It was really fun to get out and see a bit more of Uganda.  Also- lots of new experiences!

  • Uganda’s public transportation system:
    So glad I was traveling with Jane!  Otherwise I would not have known what to do!  We took a taxi (slightly larger than a minivan…and holds like 12-14 people) in Kampala, then got on a coaster (a bus) and took that to Jinja, then took a boda boda (a motorcycle) the rest of the way.
    And- the driving here really is a bit crazy…the main rules as far as I can tell is…..drive on the left side, and the bigger vehicle has the right of way.  Other than that….seems to be pretty much just a free for all!  But, we got there and back safely!  So, that is good!
  • New Food:
    A rolex- this is a popular “fast food” item here in Uganda….lots of street vendors make these.  It is basically a thick tortilla (made right there), with an omelet (eggs, salt, tomato, cabbage, green pepper) inside.   Delicious!
    Chickamando- (I made up that spelling by the way….I have no idea how it’s really spelled)- this is also a popular food here sold by street vendors.  It’s again the thick tortilla (here they call them chippoti’s) cut up and put in a bag….with beans put on top.  Haha…this one isn’t that special, but it’s really good!  We walked home with our little plastic bag of beans and chippoti and then put tomatoes and onions and peppers with ours….it was delicious!
  • Thievery:
    While we were walking the streets of Kampala…..quite a busy city.  My cross necklace that my parents gave me for Christmas a couple of years ago was snatched from my neck by some guy!  It was a little scary, and disappointing.  But, I am sure HE was disappointed to find that it probably wasn’t worth stealing!
  • The Nile River:
    I got to see the Nile River!  It was beautiful!  The longest river in the world…and it is sourced from Lake Victoria.

But, it was good weekend…and fun to see some new places and sites.  We also had the chance to visit Good Shepherd’s Fold- an orphanage and school (where Jane grew up), and Sonrise Baby Home….where I am sorry to say that I didn’t have my camera…but I held the CUTEST little baby ever!  His name was David.  He had just been given a bath, and was handed to me immediately when I walked in the gate.  He was clean and cuddly and had the sweetest little face.  I could not get him to smile for the longest time…but then finally I kissed his cheeks…and this beautiful gummy smile appeared, followed by some giggles!  It was adorable.  I played with him for a couple of hours, and then he fell asleep in my arms.  He was precious.
Here are a few photos from the weekend:

1. The taxi park 2. and 3. The Nile River 4. A pretty flower

And- another happy thing….today I got 2 letters in the mail!  Jackpot!  It is so happy to receive snail mail, so it made my day for sure.

Thanks for reading!  Have a beautiful day friends!



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