Life in Uganda


Hi  :)

Wow, coming up on a month here in Uganda!  That seems crazy….and I do believe that my time here is going to go quickly!  Doesn’t quite seem like a month here already!  4 weeks ago tomorrow I was in the airport bidding my family goodbye!

This week has been good though!  The Fowler’s had family come from Alaska to visit this week and next- so the schedule has been a bit different.  Conveniently enough Menda’s sister and brother-in-law live in Port Alsworth, AK (where Menda is also from), which just happens to be where my boyfriend is working for the next few years.  So- he was able to send a present along with them- which was quite happy!

The bear is sort of an inside joke!  It was so nice to get something from him! Made Alaska seem not quite so far away! Also- note how large that bear is…and then the size of the box…..good packing skills!

As it is beginning to probably get cooler for all my friends and family in the US….it is getting hotter here!!  This week has been super hot and humid!  It is definitely nice though to live so close to the lake!  I took the kids to the pool/beach one day this week for PE

 Can’t believe how cute the kids are!  Definitely a good way to cool off!

This week I feel like I have had lots of cultural experiences:  going to another market, riding a taxi, eating sugar cane, etc.  And, I was brave enough to venture out a few times to do some exploring…so that was good!

Earlier today we visited the Baby Home again.  Love those babies.

This weekend the Fowler’s are going on Safari, and Jane and I are going to go part-way with them to Jinja….and then come back on Saturday.   Road trip in Africa….should be fun!  I will take a lot of photos!

Anyways, I am feeling blessed to be here.  Hope all of you are doing well! Thanks for reading!




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