Blessed to be a Blessing


Hello World   :)

Being here in Uganda….I am feeling awfully blessed about my life as a child of God, an American Citizen, part of a family who loves me, etc.  I know though that those are blessings I want to hold with an open hand as I allow the Lord to use my life in whatever way He desires.

Last night- I had the 3 Fowler girls come over to my place for a sleepover!  It consisted of….painting nails, eating popcorn, lots of talking, and watching Singing in the Rain….and okay- some silly photos!


Today went by so quickly.  I had the opportunity to go to a Baby Home this afternoon with Menda and Jane.  I loved going there….being greeted by a crowd of beautiful dark faces with little white eyes and teeth grinning up at you and begging to be held is an overwhelming, but great feeling.
Children were climbing all over me, grabbing my hands and touching my hair….the girls were braiding it and brushing it…as it is much softer than their own!
As much as I loved being there, and loved hugging those babies and kids, playing with them and singing to them…..There was a certain amount of sadness. My heart aches for those children knowing that each night they go to sleep without parents tucking them in and kissing them goodnight.  They wake up each morning without a mommy and a daddy to cherish them and nurture them, read to them, teach them, cuddle with them, etc.
Although these kids are blessed to be in a Baby Home instead of out on their own…..It is hard to see them living in that situation.  Makes you want to take each and every one home with you!
I am so grateful for my precious family and that the Lord allowed that in my life.  It is something to never take for granted.
For each of these children though….I pray that they will find Jesus to be their Father.

Hold the blessings in your life with an open hand…..always willing to give.


One thought on “Blessed to be a Blessing

  1. jennyroni

    Wow Amy – this one is a tear-jerker! I understand the feeling because I remember feeling like that when I’d have to leave the kids I taught at the institution after taking them for an outing every now and then. Not an easy thing to do, but what a privilege for you to be able to pray for the babies you’re meeting and to share some love with them. love you, momxxx

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