Tuna kusinza nga Yesu!

Accents, skin color, culture, family, customs, language, dress, hair, music…
People are so different, and each culture is very different.
Sometimes, I think it’s easy for me to be overwhelmed by all the differences among people.  This week I feel as if I have really seen ways in which people of very different cultures are also very much the same.  We are all people….we all have hurts and struggles, we all love to laugh and have fun.  We all have feelings and bad days.  We all love and seek to be loved.
I went to a Biblestudy this week with Menda (another American), and then a woman from South Africa and a Ugandan woman.  I loved it because we were going through the story of Abigail in the Bible….and it was so neat to hear the different perspectives on it.  We were four women from different cultures, with different skin colors and accents, at four different stages in life….but to realize that we had so much in common simply as all being people, and more specifically…women who desire to walk with the Lord.
It was very encouraging and neat to see that.
The title of the blog means “We will worship Jesus” from a song (in Luganda) that my friend Jane taught me today.  As she was teaching it to me and we were singing together…..I was reminded of the fact that someday….people from every tribe, tongue, and nation will be worshipping God at His throne!  I love that picture…..and today was just a small picture of that.
Things are going well for me here in Uganda….Beginning of week 3 here!  I am enjoying school with the kids…and being challenged in teaching them and working through the struggles of doing long division and roman numerals  (not that!!!! Okay…so the girls might be slightly dramatic about that!)  But, that’s okay- cause I totally remember days like that when I was in school  (probably not as well as my Mother though!)
But, the Fowler’s are a great family- and I have enjoyed working with them.
Also- the Lord has definitely been challenging me in things in my own life…teaching me more each day that I must be dependent upon Him alone!  Yesterday- we were singing a song at church that said  “I will walk through the fire, knowing I will not be burned, but refined.”  And, that is so true and encouraging.  Each experience in our Christian lives is not intended to burn us but to refine us and change us more into the likeness of Christ.
Here are a few photos of life here in Entebbe:

Look! A monkey! I really am in Africa!


Me making pizza, Playing spoons outside with the kids and Jane,  Nezzie, and Lizzy

Have a blessed day everyone!
~Amy Dawn



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