News From Uganda!


Hi Everyone!

Sorry it’s taken a bit to get a post up here on the ole’ blog!  It’s been just 1 week since I arrived in Entebbe, Uganda.

I am very thankful that the travel over here went perfectly…and that I was able to arrive here safe and sound, without missing any flights and managing to keep all my luggage with me!

I did not really have ANY jet lag…so that is happy!  I was just a little extra tired for the first couple days of being here…..

We started up school on Monday- and that has been going well so far.  Fun to get to know each of the kids and their different personalities!
And, this week has mostly just been moving in and getting adjusted.  Everything here and new and different, the money, the food, grocery shopping, transportation, everything!  So, I am definitely still getting used to stuff!

Here are just a few photos!

This is just of traveling here and pics with my family before I left.  My sister said I looked like Maria from The Sound of Music when we were at the airport…..traveling with my guitar!

And this is of jack fruit…a new fruit for me to try! This was growing in the tree just outside….and is a really sweet and sticky fruit.  It was delicious though!

This is a short update…but more to come!  Hope all of you are doing well on the other side of the world!



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