Treasuring Life


Hi Everyone!

Life is a bit crazy right now….so sometimes blogging gets pushed down a bit on the priority list  :(

But, a quick update for you all on life….

Sarah got me a french press for me to take to Africa so I can make coffee!  So, we had to try it out this morning…and it was delicious! The weather was cool all day, so it was cozy!

But the main things that have been on my mind are my little sister’s wedding which is only 5 short days away!  We are on to a lot of the last minute details and such…but trying to ENJOY it and not stress……easier said than done!  But, the happy thing about a wedding I suppose is that no matter what really happens….in the end you always get the same result…you are married and that’s kinda what the point was anyways right????

We have a lot of family coming in this week….hopefully everyone from our immediate family will be coming which is terribly exciting and will definitely be a special (and maybe only slightly chaotic) time for us all!

Also…..leaving for Uganda is less than 2 weeks away now!  I spoke about my trip last night at my church and was very encouraged to have people behind me and excited about where God is leading me!  I am getting a little nervous for it as it is coming up so quickly….but I am so excited about it that it kinda outweighs being nervous!

I got my last shot done that I needed to get and bought a lot of supplies that I needed…so I am getting ready!

Our family went to a banquet for the Women’s Resource Center here in Ogallala tonight and heard from Melissa Ohden who shared her incredible story of surviving an abortion.  Her life was a miracle and she has been used by God in amazing ways to be a voice for the unborn.

It was good for me to hear her speak tonight and again to be reminded of an issue that is close to my heart….everyday thousands of precious lives are lost to abortion.  Lives that God formed, created, and valued.  We should value those lives as well and should do what we can as Christians to take a stand saying that life that God created is to be valued and treasured.  We who value life must be the voices for all those tiny little lives who have no voice.

I am thankful for my gift of life…I want to treasure each day and live it to the fullest.  And, I want to stand up for those who are never even given a chance at life.





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