It’s the small things in life….


It really is the small things in life sometimes that make it so special…

-Getting to meet my baby niece this week and see my little nephew for only the second time….seeing a baby smile, there is nothing like it.  Totally melts your heart.  Babies are absolutely precious.

-We saw two beautiful deer today.  One was in our yard and one was on the road….seeing them run is so amazing.  I think they ate my Mom’s garden…so that’s not good, but it was fun to see them!

-The sky tonight….there were no clouds, it was a beautiful color and the sunset was amazing…..that is my favorite thing about the scenery in Nebraska.

-Reading an e-mail from a good friend   :)

-Quality sister time: Laying on the beach, Anne of Green Gables, making pizza, painting nails….good stuff.

-1 cent bubblegum at the store

Have a happy day everyone…and remember to count your blessings…I am guessing they are abundant   :)


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