Lazy days…


Labor day weekend….equals no laboring here!  Quite the relaxing weekend that we are enjoying.  On Friday I spent the morning with my friend Doris (she and I worked together at True Value back in the day  :)), and we had a great time talking and catching up.
Then Sarah and Jenny didn’t have to work in the afternoon, so we just hung out….accomplished maybe a couple things…but mostly just drank root beer at the local A&W

Friday night was Sarah’s wedding shower at the church for all the ladies.  It was fun and decorated really cute.  People are so generous, and it’s fun to see everyone come together to give a couple a great start in a marriage.

Saturday was garage saling day!  No real treasures for me…we bought a few wedding decorations….but there are very few things that I need to be buying at garage sales right now….unless I am planning on taking it to Uganda…I don’t need it!


We went to lunch at Taco Bell after….and we were getting ready to pay for our lunch when the guy who was the cashier just said “it’s on me today”  so, all four of us got free lunch when he pulled out his credit card to pay!  How nice!

Also…we went to the lake in the afternoon and found a lovely spot to bask in the sun…..we had to walk like a mile in really deep and really hot sand to get there mind you …but it was lovely….

And last but not least….Sarah, Jenny and I enjoyed our 3rd annual Camp Night last night!  It was a great night to have a fire…eat a lot of s’mores, and sleep out in a tent.  Can’t say we got the best of night’s sleep we’ve ever had…but totally worth it nonetheless!  :)
Hope you are all enjoying a fun and relaxing weekend with family and friends!


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