Sweet Home Ogallala


Made it home safe and sound!

The weekend trek from Waukesha, WI to Ogallala, NE was actually not too bad at all.  I was able to break up the trip some, so that was nice!  I drove between 3 and 5 miles OVER the speed limit almost the whole way (except for the few times I drove like 10 under…haha)….and the only bad thing that happened is I came extremely close to running out of gas!  But, it’s okay….I shed only a few tears…planned for an emergency, and prayed that a gas station would come soon!  So, I made it!  It was just kinda bad planning on my part….so I will be more careful in the future!


Saturday night I stopped in Omaha NE to stay with my friend Amber who is going to Grace University.  It was great to see her and catch up!  We went into downtown Omaha to walk around and see the sights….it was really fun!

I went to church with her in the morning, and then made another stop in Lincoln, NE to go to my cousin’s wedding reception and got to see some family there before getting back to Ogallala.

Being home with family is so nice though….I know I’m gonna miss my friends a lot, but there is beauty in the comfort of family and just the connection that you have with them.  I immediately get like 5 times as loud as I usually am when I get home!  So, it feels good to be here.  Ogallala does not feel like home to me anymore…but my family does.   :)

And my car…what a champ!  In the past year I have moved 3 times with this vehicle….and besides replacing the brakes once…it has given me no problems!  And, I am very thankful for that!

So….with the Wisconsin chapter of my life closed for now….we move on to the Nebraska chapter….:)



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