Oh life…


Oh life.  That’s all I have to say. 

Well okay…not quite….but I feel like that almost sums it up right now!  I am down to my last days in Wisconsin….not really sure when I will be heading back to the homeland (Ogallala, NE), but hopefully soon!  I am waiting to see when I can take my state test to get certified as a CNA….

My last day of work at Dunn Bros Coffee is on Thursday.  I will be somewhat sad to leave that job, because I really have enjoyed it. I mean, I love coffee and other people who love coffee love me because I make them coffee…so it’s a good job…but it’s time to move on to bigger and better things!  :)

It was a good weekend…more relaxing than most.  The weather was beautiful…and on Saturday I spent the first half of the day in Milwaukee going to my favorite spots- Alterra and the lakefront- with one of my dearest friends…


It was lovely….


My allergies have been HORRIBLE and I have nearly sneezed to death!  But….if I remember to take my medicine….life is much happier.  The other day at work I sneezed into the loudspeaker in the drive-thru..whoops.

Since finishing my class though…I have enjoyed a bit more down time, which has been so nice!  More time for running, reading, phone calls, playing the guitar…etc.


And I have began to start packing for my trek back to Nebraska with all my earthly possessions!  Good thing I drive a minivan….makes moving pretty easy!  

I am quite looking forward to spending some good quality time with my family before leaving for Africa.  My baby sisters and I have lots of plans for hanging out before Sarah becomes and old married woman…and I have a baby nephew to hang out with, and a little niece I have never met!  So, it will be great to see the family again!  

Anyways…back to packing, cleaning, getting rid of stuff….oh joy.  


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