Hello Everyone!

Well that’s it….I am FINISHED with my CNA course!  Last night was our last night of clinical…and now all that’s left is taking the state test to get my official certification!  It feels great to have finished it up….and I am definitely glad that I took the class.  I think that is was valuable stuff to learn and hopefully will come in handy someday!

Anyways….It feels like I accomplished something with my summer, and that feels good.  I think it was good for me to be brave and try something so new for me….and to find that I enjoyed it and could potentially see myself in that kind of work.

Now time to turn my attention to getting ready for Africa!  I will be heading back to Nebraska soon as well to help with wedding stuff…and to spend quality time with my family before I leave the country!     :)

It’s another rainy day here….and I am enjoying time to be able to catch up on some stuff that has definitely been neglected due to a busy schedule….speaking of which…I should probably get back to that!  Have a beautiful day everyone and thanks for reading!




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