Happy Rainy Day



So, it’s August 9th….and rainy and cloudy and definitely feels like fall to me!  This may be the closest thing to fall that I will get until next fall when I am back in the States….so I will enjoy it while I can.

It was a lovely morning to work at Dunn Bros.  We were busy and people were happy to be inside and dry and drinking coffee….so it was nice.

I had lunch with a couple of friends at Starbucks….we ordered iced drinks and ate our packed lunches outside shivering…..it was great.

And I got to try out my new rain jacket that I bought for Africa!









Tonight I have clinical again…and then only 3 days left next week!

Even though it can be overwhelming….I have really enjoyed talking with the residents and being able to help take care of them.  Most have been really thankful, and that always makes you feel like your job is valuable.

Working with the elderly has really made me thankful though for my good health, and even for simple things….like being able to get out of bed, use the restroom, and brush my teeth without assistance.  Not to mention being able to work, play sports, and drive.  I definitely take the ability to be able to those things for granted!

I hope that today is an enjoyable day for all of you!
Set your hope on the Lord!


2 thoughts on “Happy Rainy Day

  1. Being thankful for little things is huge! And enjoy the gourmet coffee while you can ;) Do they have that where you’re living in Uganda? I’m excited for you and admittedly a bit reminiscent of last fall right before I fled the country.

    • missAmy

      Haha…..yes I imagine you probably had some of the same emotions! I think the coffee will be good in Uganda….hopefully! :)

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