Weekend Adventures


Hi Friends  :)

How is this summer going so fast!!!??? I don’t know about you, but I feel like it has flown by!  But for me, this summer so far has been a huge blessing, and just a really fun time in life.  It has been quite different than the past couple of summers I have had…and in some ways I feel guilty for how much fun I am having!  But, I am also working hard and doing my class, so that keeps things in balance!  And, starting week 5 of CNA today!  We had 2 days of clinical last week, and then just a week and a half left of class!  I did enjoy clinical a lot last week, and I am looking forward to all that I will learn this week.  

Some things with being a CNA will be hard for me I think and will take some getting used to.  But, I love the idea of working as a CNA, because you are taking care of people who literally cannot take care of themselves, and that is a unique position to be in to show people love, encouragement, and the light of Christ.  So, it has been slightly overwhelming and a bit intimidating so far, but really good.  

And this past weekend was filled with fun and friends as most of my weekends this summer have been!  


On Saturday morning, we all went to Panera for breakfast before beginning our volleyball tournament.  We played volleyball for like 6 hours in the hot sun, the clouds, and the rain before we realized that we were starving and went inside to make and eat steak fajitas!  



I am so blessed to have these friends in my life!  Someday when all of us have more to do than play volleyball and go swimming and BBQ every weekend….we will look back with fond memories of these days!  

My barista days are quickly coming to an end as well!  My last day is going to be the 23rd of August.  I have loved the job at Dunn Bros.  and I will miss my co-workers and the customers.  It’s definitely been fun to work there and I am very thankful to have had that job!  

I know I always say this…but life is crazy and unpredictable.  The only thing for sure is Christ…and I am so thankful for that!  I am sad in a lot of ways that my time in Waukesha is done, but also anxious and excited to move on to a new adventure.  But people are such a blessing, and there are so many that I will miss as I leave here!  

Thanks for reading!

~Amy Dawn! 



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