Hello Everyone :)

Once again it has been a while since I have updated…but life has been quite busy!  I am almost finished with my 2nd week of my CNA class…and so far so good.  It’s definitely been a lot of class time, and harder to be motivated about it than I had anticipated….but I am really excited about the opportunity of taking it, what I am learning, and the doors that it could open up.  Even though it’s not my hearts desire to be sitting in class every night when the weather is beautiful and I could be outside runnning around….it is the responsible thing to do, and so I shall do it!  We will start our clinical portion of the class on August 1st and I am definitely looking forward to that. 

Meanwhile, I am also working…preparing for Africa, and trying to spend a bunch of time with my friends here in Waukesha before I leave next month.  Being here in Wisconsin this year  is just what I needed….so the prospect of leaving is exciting because I am thrilled about the opportunity to go to Uganda…but also sad because I enjoy it here and will miss people here a lot! 

This past weekend…I went with six of my friends to Noah’s Ark in the Wisconsin Dells.  It is the largest water park in America and the first water park that I had ever been to!  We had such a fun day there!  Unfortunately no photos to show for it though! 

I am constantly amazed at God’s blessings in our lives….even the little things.  As a human race, we are so sinful and have messed up this world so much…so I am in awe of God’s grace that He still chooses to give us so many good things in life.  Sunny days, dear friends, music, beautiful scenery, good food, sports, the ability to learn, etc.  I am so thankful! 

And the occasional rainy day is really happy too  :)    It’s a bit cloudy and drizzly here so I am in a cozy mood wearing winter clothes and pretending like it’s almost Christmas time…..I probably won’t have a white Christmas in in Africa….:(    

Anyways, that’s all for now….I have a ton of things that I should do before I go to class today and top on my list are:  take a shower and eat something….o yeah…and study!   :)

Have a great day everyone!


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