..Friends, Fun, Africa!


Hi Everyone  :)

I hope that you all have had a good week and a fun celebration of our independence on July 4th!  I love the fourth of July….and as holidays go…it is only second to Christmas for me!

I had a really fun to with my dear friends here in WI.  It was SO hot….But, we enjoyed a parade in Waukesha, a nice long swim in the lake (a leech bit me, and it was kind of traumatizing), a run to McDonald’s for smoothies, playing Uno, a BBQ, sand volleyball, and a night swim in the neighbors pool while watching fireworks.  I did feel really blessed…because even though I was not with my family….I had an awesome time with friends that are really my family while I am here. 

I am really going to miss my friends when I leave for Africa.  :(         But, I am excited for the adventure! 

And speaking of of going to Africa….it is starting to sink in!  I am leaving in like 3 months…crazy!

I am a silly girl and can’t even begin to plan for anything unless I have a notebook that is completely devoted to it….so here is my decorated Africa notebook for all my lists and notes and stuff….



So there it is….I am sure that now that my notebook is decorated…I will be way more organized and efficient about getting everything ready that I need to.  And you think I am kidding…I am not. I feel inspired already.   :)

Also this week…I had my last day of my nanny job.  I will miss little Danny.  It was a good job to have for these several months of being here and I am grateful to have had it. 

And…on Monday I start my CNA class!  I am mostly excited and only slightly nervous.  We’ll see how brave I can be…..

Anyways…that’s really all I have to say.  Have a beautiful day everyone!

Until next time,



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