Life in the Sunshine….


Hello Everyone!  :)

Happy First Day of Summer!   I am LOVING the hot weather and being able to be outside so much!  Summer is so much fun and there is always a lot more to do!  It’s definitely more humid here than in Nebraska….and this is the first summer that I have spent in Wisconsin.  But who knows what Uganda will be like!   Summer all year around! 

ImageThis is Danny (the little boy that I am a nanny for) and I playing outside today…..I can NEVER get him to look at the camera!  The nicer weather has given us a lot more fun stuff to do outside which is great!

This weekend…..I am going with three of my friends…Molly, Eric, and Adam to a wedding in Pennsylvania for some of our good friends- Seth and Kaitlyn.   It should be a fun trip and I will be really happy to see them get married!  Also…I have never been to PA….so that will be really fun as well!  Good friends road tripping is always a good idea.

Yesterday I was talking with my older sister Katie about how things in life are so unsure sometimes….there are so many things that we just cannot count on.  Life is so fleeting, so unpredictable, so fragile, and can be gone in a minute. 

A regular customer who comes into Dunn Bros. Coffee almost every afternoon recently passed away.  He was killed in a motorcycle accident just this past weekend actually.  It is so sad and actually really hard to realize that in a moment…a life can be over.  Last week I talked with this man, discussed a project he was working on in his garage, and made him his iced mocha….not even considering the fact that he very well could walk out the door and that would be the last time I would ever see him. 

I am saddened by this….not really knowing where this man stood in his relationship with God or if he knew God at all.  And mostly…I am saddened by my complacency and apathy at times in my everyday conversations with not only customers…but my friends, and my family.  Life is uncertain….and I so badly want to make my conversations and my interactions with people count.  I want to always convey to people the love of Christ and what He has done in my life.  I want to make conversations that are eternally significant and meaningful…not just small talk about the weather and sports.  And this as well has challenged me to let people know just how much I love them and appreciate them.  This world is crazy and we can’t count on anything for sure….

Except our God.  I was telling my sister how frustrating and discouraging it can be that things are constantly changing and are so uncertain…but how beautiful it makes the steadfastness of God. He will never change….will never die, will never leave us or forsake us, or cease to care.  He always will be faithful, forever……and we CAN count on that.

  I will rest in that fact on this beautiful day….I hope you all can as well.

Life is short….make it count.




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