Hello and Goodbye!


Hi Everyone!

May 21st is one of my favorite days!  Two really good memories come to mind…as 3 years ago it was the day that I left for my trip to Papua New Guinea…and last year it was the day that I graduated from New Tribes Bible Institute.

Part of my beautiful family was here this weekend…..Dad, Mom, and Jenny came to pick up Sarah and take her back to Nebraska for the summer before she gets married.  It was a short weekend, but we did get to spend some good quality time.

It was fun to show them around the Waukesha area a bit more, to have them meet the Braband’s (the family I live with), to introduce them to Sarah’s friends and to take them to church with us.  Family is so special, and I am very blessed!

My family is fantastic…and I miss them a lot! I can’t wait to see more of them later this summer!



2 thoughts on “Hello and Goodbye!

  1. claire

    It was a lot of fun – we are blessed to know you’re in a good place, surrounded by good people, a good church, and a beautiful place to live. love you, momxxx

  2. Katherine Dutzmann

    I love the self picture of you three girls, you all look SO pretty (That’s how I know we’re related! :)
    I wish I could have come for the visit too :(

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