Blessed by the Faithfulness of God!


Hello  :)

I would apologize for the lengthy amount of time between this post and the last…but I’m assuming you’re all becoming used to it!  That is NEVER my intention though….I am always thinking…I should blog!  So, I won’t make any promises of updating more regularly (too much pressure), but I want to!  Instead….I will just fill you in on my life these days!

So….several exciting things have happened in our family lately…the first being:

My little sister Sarah is engaged!  She and Ryan got engaged about 2 weeks ago when he came to Wisconsin and surprise her:

The Happy Couple!

And…my older sister Katie and her husband Nathan just had their precious little baby girl on March 23rd!  Lydia Grace arrived!  I am so happy and excited for them to be parents!

And…although I am not engaged, and did not have a baby….I will now tell you about my life although it may seem slightly less exciting!

First…my jobs.  I am so enjoying working at Dunn Bros. Coffee.  I love the atmosphere of working there, the smell, my co-workers, making drinks, getting to know people, making people happy by giving them coffee, etc.  So, I am blessed by that job.

This is me with my co-worker Rachelle....such a sweet girl to work with!

And…my part-time nanny job is going well also!  Little 2 year old Danny is precious and I enjoy spending time with him.  As the weather has been getting nicer…it has been really fun to be able to take him outside and go for walks…play at the park, etc.

And….the indoor soccer team!  We have had 2 games and unfortunately have lost them both!  But, this past week there was definitely improvement in how we played..and both games have been fun…so that’s good. We play again on Monday at 10:00pm!

Also with making plans for the future…there is a lot that I am considering and praying about right now.  This summer I am hoping to take a CNA course at the local Technical College.  I would appreciate prayers that I would get into that program as the classes are small and difficult to get a spot.  And there are some other exciting things that might possibly be in the works as well and different opportunities that have come up that I am seeking the Lord in right now.

And…Sarah and I have found a church that we really want to settle into!  It is Lakewood Baptist Church in Delafield, WI…about 10 minutes from where I live.  We have so appreciated the teaching and the people that we have met so far and are looking forward to getting more involved and getting to know people better!

I have been so encouraged by God’s faithfulness in growing me in my faith lately!  I have been struck with the fact that even in seasons of my life and walk with the Lord when I am not seeking Him as faithfully as I should be…His faithfulness does not diminish.  He never stops bringing encouragement, conviction, and challenges to me even when I am not actively seeking them.  I am blessed by that.

And….my dear friend Kristina is coming to visit this weekend from Oregon!  I am so excited to see her and spend some good quality time!

God has blessed me with so many good friends and a great family!  His Grace is Abundant!


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