He Knows and Cares…


Lately I have really been struck by something about God’s character that might seem really simple or obvious.  But, I feel like it has just impacted me recently and been a huge encouragement to me.  So, here it goes:

The fact is that we serve a God who is omniscient- meaning He knows all things.  And, I know that seems like a no-brainer.  He knows everything about us, how many hairs on our heads, our futures, etc.  But, sometimes I feel like my actions are in direct conflict with this incredible truth.  The fact that God knows, that things don’t surprise him….is amazing!  Just in the process of moving here to Wisconsin there were certain things that I was worried or concerned about…but how encouraging to think that even if I choose not to pray about issues- God knows about them.  He knew that I needed a place to live….He knew that I needed a job….He knows that now I could use more hours.   He knows every dream, every desire, every thought, hope and anxiety that I have.  And even more than His knowledge and understanding about my life….He deeply cares about all aspects of it. 

Nothing in my life is surprising Him- and that is so amazing to me. 

And on another note of happiness……Daylight Savings Time started- and I am so happy!  The weather has been fantastic and I am encouraged by that!  Spring has arrived I think!  We are expecting weather in the 70s this week!

Coming up in just one week…we (as in me and some other people who have graduated or are currently attending NTBI) are going to be playing on an indoor soccer league here!  I am very excited!  Our first game is Monday night at 11:00pm!!!  Very late, but it will be worth it!

Anyways, that is what’s going on in my life at this moment.  Hope that you all are doing well.  Thanks for reading, and be encouraged this week- God not only knows that is going on in your life…the good and the bad….but He cares!



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