A Ram in the Thicket…


Hello!   :)

My thoughts for today are on the subject of obedience

I was thinking today after hearing an interview on K-Love (shockingly!) with David Crowder about his song “Let me feel you shine” And he was just explaining why the band decided to end things and how this song reflected that. 

So, I admit that the inspiration for this post came from that…

God honors obedience!  When God told Abraham in Genesis 22 to offer his precious son Isaac as a burnt offering- there was not hesitation from him…the passage says that “early the next morning Abraham got up and saddled his donkey…”  He did not question God even though this seemed absurd that he and Sarah had waited for years and Isaac was a miracle child given to them in their old age. 

In the end…it is a beautiful story though of God’s provision of a better sacrifice….a ram caught in the thicket. 

There are times when we are asked of God to do things that don’t make sense, that seem crazy, or are just plain hard.  In the story of Abraham and Isaac though, I am encouraged to know that God honored his obedience.  Sometimes (seems like most of the time) we have to obey even when we are in the dark- when we don’t see anything good coming out of it…and we have to trust the Lord that He has our good in mind. 

When we are obedient…there is something beautiful waiting.  It may not be immediate and may not turn out how we expect- but it will be honored. 



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