The Journey Continues….


Hello Again World  :)

I have been avoiding writing an update until “I have my life all figured out again, and everything is going just the way I want it to….”  But, I am beginning to realize that life does not happen like that.  So, I will begin posting again about the journey!  Not perfect- just life!

So, roughly 3 weeks ago- I made the trek from Missouri back to Wisconsin to live and work here for a while.  The trip went well- and I have been very glad to be back in Wisconsin to reconnect with so many dear friends and people that mean so much to me!  My sister Sarah is here attending the Bible School, which is another fantastic thing about being here.

I am living with one of my dearest friends and her family for the time being.  They were so very gracious to open their home to me in this transitional time of life for me, and I am so grateful!

Since being back here, I have started a part time job at Dunn Bros Coffee in Pewaukee.  So far it is going well….I have learned a lot about coffee, and so far am enjoying it.  I have a lot of fun girls to work with, so that is good.

And, I am still LOOKING for another part time job.  Interviewing has been taking up a fair bit of time…and the nanny positions so far that I have interviewed with just haven’t been working out yet.  There is a good possibility of a job at a bank that I am hopeful about….but still waiting to hear back.

God is so faithful though….in this whole process and transition- He is there to meet all of my needs!  A place to live, a job, encouragement from great friends, challenging messages from church and Perspectives, etc.  I am very grateful.   And….even the weather!  It has only snowed twice!  Seriously….so encouraging to me cause I’m NOT a huge winter fan after Christmas that is.

I had a great weekend hanging out with friends….Molly and I got to play volleyball yesterday as well- which made my weekend!  I have so missed playing!

If you happen to want to pray for me…..there are a couple of things! 

  • Sarah and I are looking for a church to go to right now….so prayer that we would find one that we are able to really connect with and get involved in.
  • Pray that I would be able to get another job very soon and that it would be a great fit.
  • Pray that my mind and heart would be sensitive to God’s leading and direction.

My life is truly blessed though.  Thanks for reading everyone….I am still alive!

“The pain of shattered plans is for the purpose of scattered grace.”    John Piper




One thought on “The Journey Continues….

  1. claire

    Glad to see a new post on here. I like the John Piper quote – one I should write down and read every now and again. I have so much to be thankful for and am so blessed yet my “shattered plans” seem to be a real entanglement these days. Trusting that God’s grace will once again get me through. love you, momxxx

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