Awesome is the Lord Most High!


Since I am back in Wisconsin now- I decided to do the Perspectives class again at New Tribes since I took it last year.

Tonight- Brad Buser was speaking, which was awesome since I heard him speak at Mexican Caravan ministries in 2008, and that is how I first heard about New Tribes and was encouraged to go to Bible School.  It was a very challenging talk tonight and definitely gave me a lot to think about.  The lesson that he spoke on was “The Story of His Glory”  and he shared about his ministry in Papua New Guinea- going into a tribe that had never heard the Gospel and planting a church there.  It was amazing and so good to hear again!

Missions is about discipleship, not just evangelism.  God’s heart is that there be worshipers from every tribe, tongue and nation.  As we fall more in love with our Savior- our heart must beat for what His heart beats for…..that the lost may come to know Him.  Our God is a God of redemption!  Everything broken, lost, torn apart, and defeated-  He desires to restore, to heal and to redeem!

Our lives are meant completely for His Glory- and the story of the Bible begins with creation- God creating a people to glorify Him, and ends with representatives from every people under Heaven worshiping at His throne!  This is the mission of God.

Anyways- I was definitely challenged and again struck with the incredible need of laborer’s for the harvest.  2,130 language groups still have yet to hear the Gospel!  The thing that has changed your life, given you hope, freedom, and the hope of Heaven….yeah- there are  still over 2,00o separate groups of people who have NEVER had the chance to hear about that!

May our hearts be in tune to the things of God.



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