Hope Has Come


 That is what Christmas is all about!  The fact that God sent Jesus to forever change the course of human history by providing a perfect way to God through His sinless life, death, and resurrection.  Jesus in a manger is such a beautiful expression of God’s LOVE for us.  There has NEVER been a greater love!

8 more days for me here in Missouri before going home for Christmas!  I am getting excited to again spend time with my family at home.  Christmas is such a fun time of year with lots of good memories and traditions.  I love it.

It is easy it seems to get caught up in gift giving and over spending on gifts during the Christmas season.  At my church here in Missouri…they are really challenging people to spend less and give more- whether that be using money that ordinarily you would spend on gifts to give to good causes, or to even just make gifts for people, or give the gift of time to people.    I think that is great.  I love giving gifts, but also…I think it is really important to put thought and care into gifts, otherwise- they don’t mean very much.

In our family- since it’s quite large…we draw names for presents, which I think is a really fun tradition.  Half the fun for me though is trying to figure out who-has-who!

During this Christmas season- keep your hearts focused on Christ….the only real reason we have to celebrate!


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