Hello October!


I cannot believe that it is October already!  This year has seemed to fly by!

But, I am glad…because I love fall and the holidays that are coming up!  There are so many wonderful things about fall…but truly- I love every seasonal change.  That is definitely something that I am grateful for.

Yesterday- I went with a few girls to the local nursing home as a part of an outreach there…and it was a really good experience.  One of the girls leads bingo and plays the piano…and the rest of us just visited with the residents and tried to encourage them.  Even though a lot of the residents aren’t totally able to communicate clearly anymore, it was fun to talk with them because they all do have so much to share about their lives and experiences…and it will be neat to see if there are going to be opportunities for us to share about Christ with them!  So- that was a challenging but encouraging time.

Yesterday I was really challenged about my relationship with God..and about how complacent I am at times about spending time with God, studying His Word, and spending time in prayer.  I know that my relationship with Him is the number one thing in my life….but is that really my heart? Is that what my actions say?  I was challenged, but encouraged because I know that He is always there and won’t ever give up on me!

So….I greet this month with excitement and thankfulness and anticipation!

Hope that everyone has a beautiful day!



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