Busy week here in Missouri!  Seems as if all at once, there is a lot going on!  So….I will share a few highlights of my week/last weekend so far

  • Going to Lauren Craig and Luke Strosewki’s wedding last Saturday night!  Lauren was one of my classmates in Bible School.  It was a really nice wedding, very pretty, and just fun to go to!
  • 3 of my friends from Bible School staying with me last weekend for the wedding! We had a blast catching up and hanging out, even though it was short.  And, it was fun to be their hostess!
  • Surprise birthday party for one of my friends on Sunday afternoon!
  • Small group on Sunday night…super encouraging.
  • The beautiful weather that we have had all week!
  • The opportunity to go to informational meetings about 2 different fields that New Tribes works in to find the needs there.  One was about Creative Services (working in all kinds of different countries where the mission work is done, but not under the label of being “missionaries”.  And, the other was about Indonesia (specifically Papua, Indonesia).
  • Hearing from a 3 year old girl that I babysit on Wednesdays a very sweet compliment….We were playing pictionary (her favorite game) outside, and randomly she looks over and says….”Miss Amy, you are very pretty”   It was SO cute and definitely made my day!
  • Going to the Paint Box Cafe with my dear friend Charity.  The Paint Box Cafe is owned by a lady in my small group and it is SO cute!  I loved the atmosphere and the food!  I had a pumpkin muffin, which only added to my excitement about fall being here!
  • Thursday night coffee!  Once a week….there is a couple here who hosts a coffee night at their house for people to just come hang out for however long, drink coffee, talk, etc.   Tonight was super fun, and got to hear some crazy stories from people about being on the mission field, etc.
  • THANKFUL…..just for everything.

I hope that everyone has had a lovely week…and that it will continue that way.


2 thoughts on “Highlights!

  1. claire

    Fun to read about the things going on in your life. Good to know you’re “busy” and enjoying that along with learning, and fellowshipping. I just reread your post about prayer, and it occurred to me that God has answered quite a few prayers that I’ve prayed this week. One of these days we’ll have to “talk” again. We’re waiting for Katie and Nathan to get here right now. Hope you have a great weekend. love you, momxxx

    • missAmy

      Thanks Mom….I didn’t know that the Dutzmann’s were visiting this weekend! Well, I guess that I knew, but I forgot! That should be fun! Yeah…we definitely need to talk again. I meant to call you yesterday afternoon, but then things got really busy. I love you too!

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