At my church here in Missouri, Canopy- we are going through a study about prayer.  And, through the combination of that and just other things that God has been teaching me lately…I feel like I have really been challenged in the area of prayer recently.

I have been realizing just what an awesome picture of our dependence on God that prayer is.  No matter what we are praying about- whether it be basic needs, for hope, guidance, peace, etc…..we are declaring our dependence on Him!

God created us for relationship with Him….and prayer is one of the main ways that relationship can be built upon.  The fact that God wants us to pray is amazing to me!  He cares personally about our thoughts about Him, our daily walk, the things that we are thankful for, our struggles, our joys, and our needs!!   The fact that prayer was not made up by men, but rather instituted by God is so cool!

I have been challenged to bring things to God first and foremost, as often I find myself talking with friends and family about issues and situations that I haven’t even prayed about yet.  God is the one who can lead and guide and change things, so I need to present things to Him before anyone else.  God is so good, and cares for us so much!


2 thoughts on “Prayer-

  1. Sarah Beth

    Awww Amy! This is such a good one and such a coincidence too! I have also really been working on my prayer life. Thank you! I love you!

    • missAmy

      Not a coincidence my dear! There is NO such thing!
      Glad that it was an encouragement though! I love you….hopefully you are not busy SOON so we can talk!

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