Life, Tennis, and What I’m Learning…..


So….having my own apartment has been an adventure!  Definitely very different than any other living situation I’ve been in!  Growing up…I mostly shared a room with my sisters.  When I was 12, I got my own room.  And…being at Bible School- I had 5 roommates my first year, and 4 my second year.  And- living in the dorms, there wasn’t a ton of privacy.  It’s funny- because I remember during dorm life sometimes wishing that I could just have a place to call my own!  And, now that I’m here in my own apartment…I sometimes wish that I didn’t have so much alone space!  It’s funny how life works that way.

But, there are definitely pros and cons to it. So…I thought I’d just do a list in case anyone is interested!  :)


  • Decorating things just the way that I want them…
  • No one tries to steal MY spot at the dinner table! (that was for my family…truthfully- I don’t even have a table!)
  • No messiness….and if there is- it’s mine, so I clean it up!
  • I like to clean and organize….so it’s kind of fun to do that stuff my own way.
  • I also like having a little kitchen area to myself…it’s tiny- but I like it!


  • When I was sweeping the floor the other day….there was a TON of blonde hair!  And…there was no one to blame but myself…..:(
  • Eating….I am starting to enjoy making a few things–but cooking for yourself just isn’t that fun.  Although…I do enjoy breakfast!
  • Buying food and household stuff…..I hate that cause like toilet paper and dish soap and stuff is so annoying cause you buy it, and then you run out, and then you buy it again!  Ridiculous.  I’m still getting used to it!
  • The quiet….I feel like I always have to have music on when I am here by myself!  Otherwise it just seems weird.

Anyways….these are just a few things that I can think of at the moment….but overall- I think it is a good experience and I am glad to have it and try it out for a while.  I think that I will learn a lot from it!

And…here is a quick picture of our tennis adventure we went on today!

And….in other news- God is good.  In moving to Missouri….once again expectations were a bit different than expected (certainly not all bad).  I’m not sure when I will learn that you can’t have expectations for things to be a certain way!  But, He has been faithful to really bring people into my life to encourage me and to provide opportunities of fellowship.  I am learning a ton about His Provision, and about my daily and essential NEED to depend ON HIM!

“When I said, “my foot is slipping”, Your love, O Lord supported me! When anxiety was great within me, Your consolation brought joy to my soul!”                        ~Ps. 94:18-19

I am continually amazed at God’s grace in simply meeting us where we are at.  Hope that everyone is having a great week so far!


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