Rainy Day


Hello :)

The weather is crazy!  Yesterday it got up to 90 degrees…and after running with my friend Amber….we went and jumped in the lake!  And now today….people are wearing coats, pants, etc.  And, it’s really rainy and gloomy!   But- I really do like rainy days every now and again, so I’m okay with it!

I have a few photos to post:

These are a few pictures from in my apartment.  It is becoming cozier….but I don’t have a ton of stuff…so it still feels a bit empty.  But, that’s alright- I have lots of space!  And….I don’t have the gift of decorating…so I just do what I can.

I love my desk though….I always decorate that the same, cause I like it that way….

And….the bottom picture of the lion…I just found the other day at a consignment shop here in Camdenton called Bear Market.  And…I love the picture (it’s like painted on a canvas) cause it reminds me of Aslan!  But yeah…that’s pretty much all for now!


5 thoughts on “Rainy Day

  1. claire

    It’s the same way here today. Monday was HOT, yesterday was so nice, and today we’ve all changed from shorts into pants and stayed indoors. I suppose it’s a reminder of what’s coming in the next few months. I like the lion picture – cool find. I guess I’ll go warm up with some ironing!

  2. Katherine Dutzmann

    I like your place! I’ll come over and you can make me dinner :)
    Don’t you love this shift to fall weather? I am so ready for layers, sweaters and coats!
    Love you!

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