No Labor Weekend!


This past weekend…over Labor Day- I had the chance to go up to Waukesha Wisconsin for a visit.  As most of you know- my younger sister Sarah has just started there as a student this fall, so I wanted to see her….and then there were a lot of other people that were a lot of fun to see and catch up with!  So, the weekend was busy- but it was really nice as well!  It made me miss Wisconsin a lot!  And, it was weird to travel back to Missouri…knowing that technically I was “coming home” when really- I felt a lot more at home in Waukesha!  But, I still haven’t been here that long, and the feeling of home always comes with time.

This is me and Sarah!  On Saturday, we went with her roommates and a few other people to Milwaukee.  It was a rainy day, so we ended up going to my favorite coffee shop Alterra, and then walking around a bit in some shops in downtown Milwaukee.  This picture is taken in Anthropology… to look at, too expensive to really buy anything!

This is me with two of my lovely co-workers from Allo! Chocolat.  On Saturday evening, Sarah and I stopped in to see them and talked for a while.  It was really fun to catch up with them, and I sure do miss working there!  On Sunday I got to see my bosses…which was really fun.  I was so blessed by that job!

Saturday evening, I also got to go out for coffee with my dear friend Rachel.  We had a great time catching up, and it was super encouraging!  And then…I went back to school and played like 3 hours of volleyball!  And- I have missed that too!

This is me and one of my roommates from last year! It was super fun to see her!  And, a lot of other people from school!  A group of us went to church on Sunday, and then in the afternoon, Sarah and I just hung out and went for a bikeride.  And, then for the rest of the day, we just talked with people.  But, it was really fun!

And, Monday morning…we had to leave to come back to MTC. But, first- I got to go out for coffee with another dear friend…Molly!  It was great because her family was camping for the weekend, and so I wasn’t planning on seeing her, but she ended up coming back early so I did get to see her!  And, it was lovely!  It really just completed a weekend that was already really good, and made it just that much better!

Anyways, I hope that all of you had a lovely weekend, and were able to relax some!


2 thoughts on “No Labor Weekend!

  1. claire

    Seems to me you did an awful lot of coffee drinking on this trip………….hmmmmmmmmmmmm. Glad it was a good weekend for you. love you, momxxx

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