Be Present


On Sunday- yesterday….I visited another church here in Camdenton.  It was called Canopy Church.  I really loved it, and it was super encouraging to go to a church that seems to be so focused on community.  I definitely want to try it out again before deciding on whether it will be my church here in Missouri or not….but I really did enjoy it yesterday.

Anyways- the sermon was given the title of “Be Present” and the pastor used the text from Luke 10:38-42 about Mary and Martha with Jesus as the Scripture.  It was really challenging to me- just talking about how so easy it is for us to focus so much on the future, or live so much in the past….that we completely miss the present.  He pointed out how this is so important in our relationship with God….we must strive to be like Mary and live in the moment in our time with the Lord and in worship.  And, how this is so important in our relationships and interactions with others- how we can be so much more of a blessing if we truly are present with people.

“With the past, I have nothing to do; nor with the future. I live now.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

It was challenging to me as well in that we need to be serving faithfully in whatever position, condition, or circumstance we are in.  As someone who desires to serve overseas as a missionary….it can be easy to constantly look ahead and forget about or simply miss out on opportunities that are here and now!

So…I thought that was really good….and those are just my reflections on what I was challenged by!


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